Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back on the farm

We started out the day today getting an idea of current prices for animals at the weekly animal bazaar , then headed out to the farm to spend the day working there.  We had no intention of purchasing anything today .   it did not work out that way.  When we got around to the small animals we came across this qute little old lady selling her rabbits .. Her legs were shaking as she was using every bit of energy she had to stay standing .  Her rabbits were a little under priced as she  was eager to sell them .. We decided that she should go home now, and gave her a little extra for her way . 

She was so excited , she must have thanked us 50 times  

When we got home, we realized that they are hand raised and soo tame it is unbelievable .. Bekah right away decided that "Feebe" needs to stay at the apartment with her ..something that is NOT going to happen .. but it was worth the try.  We told her she could have it but that she had to keep it at the farm  

thats when Bekah informed us that she is a "city girl' and would not be going out to the farm .. 

I think Jengishes brother found a new friend . Starbuck felt right at home munching away on the beat tops .

Before heading to the farm, we gave them the seeds that or friend from Bishkek had given us.  A great selection, they will be perfect for planting in a few months. 

 At the last minute the city girl realized that not only the rabbits at the farm, but that there is a new puppy and some ducklings as well .. so she decided that just this once she would come along.

Feebee and Bekah were so glad to see each other again.. afterall they had been seperated for about an hour 

The duckings were waiting at the gate for us to come home , and weer happy to come and join in the excitment .. bath time .. fun for a duck, but not so much fun for Borsolk ( the flee bitten puppy ) 

Borsolk got a bath , a flea treatment and dewormed .. none of wich he was very impressed with .

Emma and I built a hutch for the rabbits while Jengish and Azamat dug the new outhouse 

The bunnies love the new home

Hole is dug, Starbuck, Feebee, and Thumper  have a new home  and Borsolk is bathed and ready for bed 

This was a great way to spend a Thanksgiving afternoon .   OH and by the way Bekah can't wait to be back on the farm 

Here are a couple photos from the journey home ..

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian family and friends 

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