Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update ...

I wanted to start off with some great news .  The need I posted at the hospital has brought some response .  the biggest news is that we now have a sponsor the is willing to match all donations up to  $5000 so that we we can proceed ...   this is such an encouragement to us all .   

The work begins .. The work begins today at the Police station where we are building a playground , the work begins in the village on there playground, and the work begins on the streets , were the homeless will be cared for .   here is a little update ....

From Jengish ... 

 Hi John , Things are happening now in Tokmok.  I met with Vlady today and we got him started at the police station .  They were very happy to see him starting this .. they can see now that we are serious about helping .  Here is a picture of Vlady with the Police inspector in charge of special projects, and Richard from OSCE .  

We are cooking for the homeless tonight .. we ran into a few problems , our gas stove stopped working and we are cooking on a small hot plate.  |Can we get a kazan that we can cook with out side?  We are also thinking that we could use the small change tent that you have , and use it for giving them showers in the park, then giving new underwear. 
 I can go with Sergey to see the baby hospital Dr and get started on the documents so that we will be ready to start as soon as you get here.  I will keep you posted. 
  Kamalla has agreed to go out to find and bring food to Victor and Luba, and make sure that they are all OK.   
  I will talk to you tomorrow if there is anything else you need ..    

Then there was the letter from Larisa 
Hello John and Julie , Emma and Bekah! How are you doing? I have been sick for about month.  I don`t have high temperature now but still feeling not good. My right hand is not working well. I got some treatment but no good result.  I would like to ask your help if it`s possible to find a sponsor for my additional treatment. I need 500$ to go to Bishkek and get a treatment in the hospital. Tanya is working in the men`s home for me she organized celebration for the men after the celebration they got good quality sandals. Thank you very much ! It was a good help for them because many of them didn`t have shoes.  Thank you very much it was a good help for them because many of them didn`t have shoe`s  . 

We are going to start now  with the kids playground in the east Iskra   For this work I got $$$$ from Olga from you .  Men say hi to you all. People from the village they came to visit me when I was sick they say hi too. I will sent you foto`s of the garden of men`s home. We have very good , rich garden they started eat from the garden I mean vegetables for salad. We could plant again for the winter different vegetables about 100$ we need for that.  Thank you for everything! If you have something for me to say or any tasks for me I would like you to write to me i`m sending this letter through Acel.
Love Larisa,Tanya.

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