Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes

I had a little chuckle a few days ago. A friend said they might stop using Face Book because it was too depressing .. every one with their perfect lives and their perfect homes .. it made her depressed , even thought she loves and appreciates all that she has ..   Well Cindy, this post is for you hahaha 

Each time we arrive home from Kyrgyzstan, there is a lot of work to do getting the house back in shape .  we focus on the side of the house where you drive up to the house .. .. its almost like a park.  
Mom has her door in the front of the house and has been working hard on her gardens and walk way .    

Today we will take you behind the scenes ... Have you ever seen those entertainers who are dressed as two different people at the same time .. look from one profile and they are one person and for the other a completely different person .   like the video below 

As you can tell from the size of the trees that have grown up through the lawn, we have not been over here for a while .  

While the girls are home , we hope to take back the jungle that is closing in on us ..  But for now it keeps us humble ... and maybe Cindy this will give you a little HOPE ....

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