Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meetings meetings and more meetings

Today we met up with Sam .  He is the director of Possibilities International .  We had a great meeting , planing and scheming up lots of cool things for the up coming months when Bekah returns to Kyrgyzstan, and Sam arrives with a team to put some wind into her sails.  Sam was on his way up north to build a volley ball court for a summer camp.  You can follow more of what Bekah and Sam are up to over at

Today we started work on a couple playgrounds in Kyrgyzstan, as well we have begun a new homeless support group

with Jengish and a few  of his friends.   Lots on the go.
Next week we will be in Brantford with some of the team that will be coming this fall from there.  The girls will be in Cobden  ( in the Ottawa Valley ) and then the next week we will be heading for  Halifax where we will meet up with Ed Dickson and  have some meetings, and then get together with a team from Rock Church that will be coming to KG in the fall.

We are really excited to be helping to host 4 teams this fall .  It should be a great time, and a true blessing to the people of Kyrgyzstan . 

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