Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sober and Serving

One of the 25 homeless that Jengish and his friends helped lat night on the streets of Bishkek.  

Ermek, is no stranger to the streets , that is where Jengish found him many years ago.  Today he has a new life.. he is a new man..  He is Sober and Serving ..  Along with the volunteer work that he is doing with Jengish ( fulfilling his desire to give back ),Ermek is an incredible wood carver . and is in the process of trying to start a small business doing custom wood carvings 

Ermek showing one of the meals that they have prepared for the homeless ..

Here are a couple examples of the type of work that Ermek does 

I got an email that I wanted to share ... It is from our neighbor in Kyrgyzstan.  Her Apartment is right above ours and is the same size .  She and her family are moving , and have offered to sell it to us, and will not publicly list it until we have a chance to respond. The apartment could have so many uses , A place for at risk youth that we are working with, a place we could use for hosting meals for teams when they come as well as the many people that we feed each day .. Lots of possibilities .. but no money .. It would be      $30 000  .. a very good price for this apartment .. especially since it would come furnished and ready to move in .  We are open to any and all options at this point.   maybe one of our fiends is thinking of investing in KG   ...   Just putting it out there ...  

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