Monday, June 24, 2013

Calling all Health care workers !

This fall we have three teams coming to Kyrgyzstan .  We are so excited about this .  The arrival of a team, is the arrival of HOPE.  Have you ever considered being part of a short term missions trip ?  Maybe its time .

We  have a vision, a vision  of having a medical based trip in the spring.  We would like to come along side the Dr's in Kyrgyzstan , like Dr Tatyana and Dr Anara ..  
I envision clinics providing help in all area's .. from GP's to specialists , eye exams , hearing tests, dermatology, physiotherapy... you name it     , .. training and equipping medical personnel and individuals , meeting immediate needs as well as  equipping for the future .   We would like to see this team accompanied by local Dr's from Kyrgyzstan , and a substantial Medical trust fund to help meet the needs as they present them selves.  
  I see the clinics working  in the orphanages and seniors homes, in the small towns , and the remote villages .

I am tired of  seeing the good Drs over worked and having little resources to help,   I am tired of  people suffering and dying because they can't get the help that they need , and I am tired of  seeing so many people we know who settle for the same diagnosis .. because that what pays the best....

I don't know where this will lead, but I wanted to start now and put some feelers out to see if any of you are interested,    If  you are interested ,  email me  at , and let me know your area of experiences, and this fall we can begin the process of medical clearances as well as matching up with National Dr's wanting to be a part of this ..   
Call it's time !

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Margaret said...

Some time ago, several of the physicians and nurses who have adopted Kyrgyz kids talked about doing something along these lines, especially for children with hydrocephalus. I certainly would be interested in participating, but might not be able to do much because of some personal medical issues. I would also be willing to explore setting up a neuroendoscopy suite at a hospital there as a vendor said that the company, based in Germany might be willing to donate equipment if local physicians will do a significant amount of charity work with it.