Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keeping Jengish busy

Just because we have not been in Kyrgyzstan for a few weeks does not mean that things have slowed down for Jengish, in fact they have picked up a bit .  Along with following up on some of the things we were working on , like helping our friend Kinja here .  she is out of the hospital after the operation on her leg, and she is doing great .. she is so very thankful for the help that she received .

      Just before we left, we made connection with OSCE.  the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.   Jengish will be working closely with them this summer in an initiative to bring a "friendly face " to the police cervices in Kyrgyzstan.     They are starting with the police station near us.  an old out building on the police yard is being torn down right now to make room for a community center that will include among other things, a homeless shelter, a free clinic and youth counseling and supports.  can you see the fit ?  We are very excited to see where this will lead.  As the major construction begins on the new building, we are committing to fixing up the existing gazebo, as well as revamping and building a playground.  We are even exploring the idea of running an "Art in the Park" program that will be a small art camp with Emma each week .  The idea is to turn the grounds into a safe place for kids to come and play and hang out, as well as help with building a positive relationship between the police and the community .  As well, this project we hope will provide a great base for our workers to call home .. a place to meet and connect with those that they are trying to help.    As soon as the funds are in , $500 for repairs and $300 for the out door furniture , we will begin the work in hopes of being  ready to begin classes as soon as we arrive in August.   The rest of the playground equipment we will work on as money is available .
any donations that come in saying "police" in the memo box will be directed to this project, and Jengish will over see the disbursement.  
Location of new community playground 

roof repairs among other  repairs needed .
Another project that Jengish is working on is the homeless initiative .  He has a few volunteers in place now, and would like to start a regular work with the homeless .. they would be out on the streets working to bring food, basic medical and clothing, as well they will work to find positive solutions to the situations as far as housing and long term care .  For this project we would like to have monthly sponsorship totaling $200 a month.  if you are interested in helping with this , please put " homeless" on the memo on the monthly pay pal page .

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