Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More graduation celebrations

This was another exciting day of Celebration... this time it was graduation from the kids at the knowledge store where Emma teaches English and Art .

Many of these children have learning difficulties, or other issues that make it difficult for them in school... It is such a blessings for me to see a place that they can receive the help that they need, regardless of their financial situation...

I recieved a few more letters today from our friends in Central Asia asking you to help us to come back ...

We are Oleg and Vera . We are directors of the Orlovka help centre in Kemin region in Kyrgyzstan. Our request is to give opportunity for John and his family to come again in August 2010. Not just this time, but also in the future. We want to testify that they are doing a lot in Kyrgyzstan, especially in Orlovka. We have known them for 3 years and we are working together and our relationship is very close. They helped us to build a playground where we are gathering children for different children’s programs. They helped us to get a comunity help building and they are helping us to feed poor people. They are helping us to do Christmas celebrations and other great opertunities to help the poor such as when we went together to the village of Kashka. We are waiting for this family who are a blessing to us . We are working together in to help others . We appreciate John and Julie for their dedicated hearts and they are very open to serve in Kyrgyzstan, even our small villages like Orlovka. We want to say thank you for the people who are helping them to come here. Our request is to give the opportunity for them to be in Kyrgyzstan and bring goodness for our people and to spread HOPE in Kyrgyzstan together with you.

Oleg and Vera

Davina says, “I miss the Wrights very much, they are good people and they are good to us. I pray for them every day that God will bring them here. We are happy when they are here and we can’t wait to see them again.
Melody says, “They do a lot of good things for poor people here. I miss them very much. They are good people. They are not just good to poor people, but they’re good to us too.”

Hello Mr. John. How are you?
I am glad when we meet with you. You made for us many unexpected.
We need you, need for all kids and people. Fly again. You need do many surprises for people and kids, they all will happy. OK, just to come! I very like when we visit orphanages with you. Now I have many friends there, thank you for all what you did for us. God bless you. We love you sooooooo much. Big John.
Vladik and Arthur.

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