Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Match week Challange


What is so special about this week ... It is the specific week that we need your support.... let me explain... We have a sponsor that has been instrumental in many of the most incredible projects that we have taken on in Central Asia.. Always her timing has been impeccable, and her ideas and support have impacted in ways that we will never be able to completely measure, but when ever I here from her, I KNOW that something big and something powerful is about to happen.... here is a letter we just receive from her.

Hi John
Here is the thought I had the other day...and felt it was confirmed Sunday . The message was titled "I believe in God...but trust in money" Obviously the message focused on how we hold too tightly onto "our" money and that we do not give as He would. The line that jumped out at me was that when you love fully you "give irrationally."

So here is my thought: idea is... lets do a matching gift challenge. whatever you collect in a week we will match. We are willing to give irrationally. If you receive a crazy amount we may need to space out some payments but we will match it up to what it takes to have you guys funded at $62,000. By doing this, not only will He will be showing us how we are supposed to be helping you. But You get to encourage others to give irrationally

"When you love fully you give irrationally... " what a challenge...

When we worked out our budget for the year, I must admit that I was a little concerned. If I am being honest, facing the task of raising the budget, so we can return full time was overwhelming most days. However, we know that if we are going to continue to be effective, we cannot be bogged down with basic operating expenses, we need to be clear, and focused on the needs of the people we are supporting. It is not enough to just be in Kyrgyzstan, but we need the finances in place to keep us there doing what PI does fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless and hopeless. This “matching funds” week will be a tremendous help to us.

Please take a couple weeks between now and July 1st and determine just how irrational you can be. Please consider bunching up your years donations, and making them on that week. We all work very hard to be good stewards of finances, and this is an opportunity to literally multiply our giving, but only if it happens during the week of July 1 to the 7th. Just think how much more could be accomplished if we took advantage of this incredible opportunity.
Hey not only that, but all donations are tax deductible, which means that you will even get some of it back! How great is that!
So remember ... July 1st it all begins!

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