Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where do you start ?

supply depot set up
Tomorrow is the beginning of match week . Although we have dreams of seeing our entire years operating budget covered by this time next week, I have to take a moment and stray. My heart and my mind should be here preparing for a busy week, but in reality, My heart is with my Bothers in Osh right now. Sergey and our friend are busy on the ground in one of the worst periods of Kyrgyzstans history. They contacted me a short time ago with dreadful stories of the things that they have seen .
There first stop, even before the aid trucks started to arrive was what you might think was an unexpected one. Let me explain. First I have to share that the friend that Sergey is traveling with on this trip is a Russian Pentecostal pastor. They were met at the airport by a Kyrgyz Baptist pastor, and they were taken directly to the Uzbeck Muslim Mosk. They were welcomed in . They shared that they were from the north and had come to help.. they were brought in and told the horror stories of the previous few weeks.. They shared together.. they hugged each other, and they cried together ... And together they will deliver aid to those that are in the greatest need.
There are many differences that we can find if we look deep enough, but it is at times like this that I feel so blessed to be partnering with organizations that do not get all caught up in race or religion, but focus on the needs ... "Pure Religion is to visit the widows and the orphans in their time of need" and that is what we are seeing here.
The next stop was to the school to assess the damages there and to get a room ready to receive the shipments so that they can be sorted and redistributed from there as needed . It is clear that with such a wide swath of destruction, that this effort is going to be a long one. So this trip for our team is more then just a one time deal, but they are working to set up a supply line that will be in place to receive future shipments of aid as well... In fact our Friend Talant is preparing for the next shipment right now, and will be heading to JalalaBad on Friday to assess the needs in that area..Meanwhile back at the ranch, If you would like to be part of the relief effort, you can find out more information HERE over at iam1ru .
Meeting to organize aid drops Pastor S. listening to the stories shared by his new friends
New friends coming together for one purpose .

Trying to figure out where to start will be one of the hardest tasks

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