Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arrived in Krivoy Rog safe and sound

I spoke to the girls a little while ago. They had a great trip down to Krivoy Rog. the thought that the train was pretty cool. They had a 4 person sleeper on a 10 hour over night trip. We bought an extra ticket so that they would not have to share with anyone.. that worked well.. it gave them an extra bunk to pile all their bags and stuff.
There first day in Krivoy Rog, they got settled and orientated. They are staying at a guest house that a friend of ours has for when teams are in town. Tonight When I called they were in Church... boy was it loud... pour Emma does not like to talk on a phone, I can just imagine how excited she was to get a call from me in the middle of a service... hopefully she had it on vibrate.
Tomorrow they are heading to the orphanage to get started working there with the kids.
it is about a 35 or 40 minute walk to the Internet Cafe, and we left the laptop in Kyrgyzstan. Tomorrow morning Emma will check out if she can by a cheep little laptop there, if not, Lynn and Ruby from Lamb are heading for Kiev tomorrow night, and I will buy them a cheep one and send it over... what we spend on the lap top, we will likely save on phone bills... Emma will be running out of memory on the camera , as well I need to get some update photo's soon.
We have made some adjustments to our letters and up dates , we were waiting till we knew for sure if they were coming before getting them out... Most of you reading this will have got a letter in the last few hours telling about our plans and reminding everyone about the match week . Hopefully we will have some photo's from our girls soon to show everyone.

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Lori said...

Hate that they are not able to come for the big events....but continuing to pray for their safety and successes with all they touch!!!!