Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down to the wire for Emma

Emma has been busy getting a lot of little details taken care of before she heads to Kiev with the girls on Monday. Along with the other reports and projects the she has been looking after for us, she has a small mater of some discretionary spending money that she she wanted to make sure that is was spent before she came home... She let us know that she does not think there is a necessity to bring any souvenirs home with her... Instead she has taken on a few projects of her own.This first photo was of a surprise visit to see Gulnar... she is the young girl that just lost her mother . It is graduation time, and all the other kids will be getting dressed up for the ceremony.. and unless if you have ever seen one of these events, you would not believe what a big deal it is...... So Emma popped in and gave her money to buy a dress... she just wishes that she had time to join her

Ainura as well got her eyes checked again, She is the young lady that had the operation to save her sight a couple years ago.. She had shared that her eyes were starting to get bad again but did not want us spending any more money on her.. We told her that we had an investment in her, and that it was only right that we maintain that investment... so today they took her back to the city for a checkup... her eyes were doing just fine, and she just needed a different prescription... so about $30 later she was set for another couple years...

Emma then sent me a letter from the city.. apparently they are concerned that Emma is leaving, and want to make sure that we return soon.....

Кыргыз Республикасы Кыргызская Республика
Чуй облусу, Чуйская область

Компетентным органом

Мэрия г.Токмок тесно сотрудничает с волонтером Джон Райд из Канады, который реализует предложенные социальные проекты, также оказывает финансовую и гуманитарную помощь для малоимущих семей.
Дочь Эмми делает вклад в области образования, обучает бесплатно студентов и желающих граждан английскому языку.
Для мэрии г.Токмок было бы хорошо если Джон Райд и его семья находились дольше в Кыргызской Республике, так как оказывая помощь Джон Райд и его дочерью нам необходимо.

С уважением,

Заведующий сектора по
поддержке семьи и детей Д.Джумабаева

The Mayor of the town of Tokmok co-works together with volunteer, John Wright, from Canada who is implementing our social projects and also helping with financing, and humanitarian helps for our needy families. His daughter, Emma, is helping us in the area of education, by teaching our students and all who want to learn the English language and art for free. For our Mayor in Tokmok, it would be good to have John Wright’s family in the Kyrgyz Republic because John, Julie, Emma and Bekah, helped us and we need their help.
With respect,

Cheif of the Child Protection Department
J. Jumabaeva


Hilary Marquis said...

Wow! That is pretty high praise in that letter :) Hurry home safely to all three girls!

David and Jayne Schooler said...

Great work, safely..hope we can get up there to see them in late July/early all are loved,