Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chicken soup

Many of you will recognise Vera and Oleg... they have the outreach centre in the village... Vera has taken ill and is now in the hospital in the city... Oleg has stayed back in the village because they have so many seniors that they are looking after... This morning Emma and Acel went into the city, picked up Christy and some food and went to see Vera.. she was so happy to see them and to meet Christy. Christy found out that Vera would like chicken soup, so she will make a batch and bring it in to her next.. It is such a blessing to have Christy back in town and able to help us like this.

Yesterday , Sergey and Anya took Emma and Acel and family for a picnic to the mountains...

It's nice that Emma can take a bit of a break and relax now that classes ore over for the summer..

I got a letter from Olga at the school She wanted to get her 2 cents in for anyone that might be considering helping us get back to Central Asia...

Education center “Knowledge store”:

Hello Everyone
Public Fund “Society of Cornelius”, is very pleased to have an oppertunity to communicate with our International supporters and leaders about John and Julie , Emma and Becka Wright. This wonderful family has such a blessed and long experience of being and living in Kyrgyzstan. Their work has a deep and long history, which follow from long work and people with open heart who support Kyrgyz people through the Wright family. They have many people who wait for them and already love them and who worry for them not come back . The people of Kyrgyzstan, actually members of our community and organization and government have very trusting and lovely business relationship, we are together works on touching people hearts and to up their social life. Mostly because of you, our supporters help, donate to help the Wright family help people to overcome their social troubles. though these they see love and they change .
Our organization works with children, many who has different diseases, and our field of work helps people. We would like say thank you to Wright family and to all their supporters, who keeps us in prayers. I can not share how important it is that we will continue to work together for our mission development and change people heart and change their life. We don't know what I should do so we can get help to have John, Julie Emma and Bekah be here it is so important.... All I can do is ask... please help...
Director : Olga Lavrinovich

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