Friday, January 15, 2010

More mattresses for the invalid home

Aigoola has been so busy ! Sergey had his hands full yesterday delivering all the mattresses that she just finished. Can you just imagine the excitement when they showed up at the invalid home with the vans stuffed with mattresses for the men... One more time, over the top.. It was just a few days ago that we were there with a wonderful Christmas celebration complete with treats, and now we are back with more blessings for them.

Everyone pitched in to unload the vans

there is one HAPPY Dr.

Even Sergey was excited... nothing can charge you up more then being a part of doing something so wonderful for so many thankful, appreciative, beautiful people

Our Buddy is not only still walking , but it's great to see him walking up and down stairs now.

I think that the one that is the most excited is me !

and of course Larissa was there, to the men got to have another celebration... GO LARISA !

I have mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating.... this week last winter, 80 men died here of exposure.... of the 270 men in the home, about 90 did not have mattresses. of those that died, 7 had mattresses, 73 did not... that's 91% of those without mattresses, and only 3% of those that had mattresses.... it did not take us long to see that we needed to address this.... Thank you to everyone that is supporting Aigoola and the mattress/blanket project... we are making a difference.....

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