Saturday, January 16, 2010

Come on CNN......... get it right or get out!

CNN Reports :

"People are becoming hostile at the missionary workers and we now find ourselves desperately trying to get them out," said Mike Maiolo, senior pastor of the volunteers' home church in Mission Viejo. He said he had received urgent messages from Haiti that everyone wanted to leave.

Bill Manassero reports :

Simply not true. The Haitian people have been wonderful and peaceful. We have NO incidents of violence and all almost we are treating are peaceful and cooperative.

CNN Reports :

the situation had deteriorated to the extent that no one felt safe going outside the compound

Bill Manassero reports :

"All of the Mission Viejo Team members were freely walking outside of the compound up until their departure."

Bill says "It's a shame that one would have to resort to such "sensationalized" reporting to get a headline. This is not the first report i have read that portrays the Haitian people as being violent and out of control. This simply is not occuring at our facility. People have been wonderful and cooperative."

Bill goes on to say :

"The clinic is still operating and as busy as ever. Victims continue to arrive daily. We are seriously low or completely out of critical med supplies and still have had no deliveries. Here is an article that may explain why We’ve had some tough amputations in the last few days and could really use a supply of blood but we can’t even get typing or testing done. It is frustrating.
Spirits are still good with staff, volunteers and the kids but people are wearing thin, especially our med staff. We are praying that we can move the patients soon to a facility that has all the right stuff, supplies and personnel and Brooke and Ashley can rest, as well as our doctors, other nurses and volunteers. Please pray.
Praise God, no patients have passed away.
The Haitian people are incredible. They have been very strong, peaceful and completely cooperative with us under a very difficult situation. There are many stories out there to the contrary but, as always, the news tends to find the few exceptions and then portrays that information as the dominant situation.
The kids are doing well. They are still too afraid to go back into the homes to sleep and continue to sleep outdoors on our soccer field/sports area. Many are hearing reports of family members that have passed away and that has been difficult. Last night, we got our projector and had an outdoor movie. They loved it and it gave them a break from the tense atmosphere. Mother hen Cindy Ahrenzen has been wonderful overseeing the kids and keeping them busy and constructively occupied.
All our staff has been amazing. I cannot begin to name all the dedicated missionaries, employees and MDL kids that are sacrificing under such duress to help. I am humbled be their dedication and hearts.
We are scrambling to rent a home nearby to help with the relief effort and or/relocate kids, staff, patients, etc.
Pastor Dave Beck has been working aggressively to get supplies to us from the Dominican Republic. Maybe we will have something by Monday through friends at YWAM."

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