Saturday, January 02, 2010

A little well deserved R & R

Not just the kids in the orphanages and institutions are getting visits from our team, but here Talant is bringing gifts to one of the families that Sergey supports.... It has now been about 10 days strait that our friends have been doing the Christmas blessing thing, and I am sure that their own kids are starting to get a little ency, and with still another week of Christmas parties to go... it was time for a VERY well deserved break... So this afternoon, Sergey and Talant brought the kids to the mountain to go skiing.

Aurture was all decked out and having a great time.....

Melodi on the other hand found out that skiing was not as easy as it looked, and she was not so impressed with the idea of spending so much time falling down......Talant and Davina give us a wave from the top of the mountain

this is a photo of Emma and Bekah when we were there... I put it in so you could see the valley bellow.... it is about 4 miles wide and about 40 miles long... the Capital at one end and the seniors home at the other.. and every where we help in between, in fact Aigoola's house is right at the bottom of this hill, and in the summer, this is where Torat brings the animals.. the Valley is also on the north boarder of this Central Asian country... in fact the mountains you see in the distance are the neighboring country..

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