Tuesday, September 29, 2009

trip to the big market

As a little treat, when ever we have a team with us we take a day and visit the capital, and that almost always includes a trip to the largest market in Central Asia... this is a very busy place and is easy to get lost and for a foreigner traveling alone, could be dangerous. For this reason, it is always all hands on deck, and all our friends come to make sure the teams are safe... I am always uncomfortable about this.. the teams have money and have a chance to spend it.. the rest of their time in country, every thing they buy is for others they are helping here, but on this day they are shopping for home... There can be some incredible deals to be found, and our friends have become masters at finding those deals for us.. but the part I am uncomfortable with is us spending money in front of them... I don't want to send the wrong message, or have them feel left out, so we try to make it a time of excitement and blessing for them as well.. I give each of them some spending money for the day... Today Anya was so excited... she came out of the market saying that she feels rich... she bought a large box of name brand laundry soap, and a package of white toilet paper.....
Think about that the next time you are feeling broke !

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Anonymous said...

That market is total madness!! Worse than Costco :(

But feeling rich because of having toilet paper, well, that should humble us all.

Great reports,


Dan :)