Saturday, September 26, 2009

House for sale.... Prod Ceer Doma

Do you remember these two girls I posted about earlier..? Today we had a little time in the morning before heading with the kids to the capital, so we decide to see what we could do to make a difference in their lives.... but first we had to be escorted by 4 police ... two in front and two in back, to the police station..... we dropped a few names and were on our way... another funny storey we will tell later, but for now back to the kids... These two little girls were dropped off at their Babushka's house 6 months ago, and the parents have left... possibly back to Russia... The babushka is doing all she can to provide for them and keep them out of the Orphanage, but most of her income is going into the rent for this one room..... There is no bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, .... just this one room... I am standing just out side the door to get this much in ... that is how small life is for them..... It has been bothering me since we got here, but I think we have a solution.
We started checking the papers, but it is difficult to find an apartment for them to rent... people are afraid to rent to people with children and no jobs... I guess the same thing we might find in North America ... We then found this house... It has everything that they need, and exceedingly and abundantly more !.. It is on a very quiet street , about 250 Meters from the front gates of the best school in the village. it has water right in front and a large lot. It is the large side of a duplex, and it owns all the land on the side and the guardens and chicken coop in the back. The house is in very good shape, and would need nothing to move into it right away... even the roof and the foundation are in good shape and solid. It has 3 rooms, and a front porch, a chicken coop, two storage sheds, a summer kitchen/ sauna. and a good fence all around . Here are a few photo's ... as you look at them, just put your self into the place of these two Little girls, and imagine moving into a place like this....

This is a photo from the road.

This is the back of the house .. the yard is all planted with very nice gardens.

this is across the side yard

this is out the back and you can see the chicken coop here

this is the door into the porch

beside the porch there is a covered gardening bench

this is the kitchen room

It is heated with coal with this heater... it looked in very good working order.
It also has a large living room.
I was surprised to find a house with such a large yard tucked into the centre of town... Even Sergey did not know it was there... in fact it is so close to his apartment, if another building was not in the way he would have had a clear view into the back yard.
So what is the damage.. well with very little arm twisting and even though we are foreigners, we were able to get the price down to $4800. and Sergey is certain that if we went back with $4500. Two little girls and their Babushka would have a home to grow up in.
So now that we have done what we can do.. we will tell the storey and wait to see what happens....

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