Thursday, September 10, 2009

And the work continues

Aigoola is busy catching up on all the mattress orders before I arrive next week ...
Here she is making crib mattresses
Even Arture is getting in on the deliveries

All I have to say is " Aigoola , you ain't seen nothing yet."... The next photos you will see of the mattress business will be when we deliver new mattresses to the invalid home.... but that's a hole story of it's own.

As I looked at this last photo, I tried to count how many mattresses were in the van, then the reality of the situation hit me... If this winter is anything like last, each one of those mattresses could represent a life saved ....Just imagine if you were sleeping on a board or a concrete floor dreading the upcoming 20 bellow weather, and someone showed up and gave you brand new mattresses ....
Am I the only one that gets a little chocked up by that or are we on to something here ?

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