Monday, September 28, 2009

Another catch up post

Ok so in the last two days I have fallen about three days behind. so I will try to get some photos posted soon... but for now, here is what we have been up to. Yesterday was a slower day, a few under the weather, so we stayed around town, we went to the bazaar to do some over due back to school shopping, we also went to the family home for Thanks giving celebrations, then supper at Sergey and Anya's with a few other families.
This morning we started early... we began renovations on Eds apartment that we are living in... We are replacing some old drain and water pipes, as well as replacing two heat registers that are starting to leak, and adding one new one into the balcony we replaced last year... we are just so blessed to have this apartment here, and not a day goes by that we do not appreciate the generosity of our friend that provides it to us for free... it has become our home away from home... We have completed the heating system at Altynai's families apartment, the barn is finished in the village, we have just made arrangements to put a roof on a new barn at the rehab centre. We saw the new blankets we had Iagoola make for the bee hives, and came away with a few jars of honey... the 54 hives have split already and we now have over 70 hives that are producing an incredible amount of honey.... that project has already surpassed next years goals, and the cows have begun producing so much milk that they have had to get a milking machine... I am telling you... it is a land flowing with milk and honey... The children's centre will be ready to open by Thursday morning... The Seniors heating system is well under way, and Vlady tells me that others have begun to materialize to help with the renovations at the Baby hospital... Local business and hospitals are all chipping in.. Once again... when we start a project, things fall into place and others are inspired to do there part.
We delivered the down payment for the expansion on the community help centre in the village as well as we brought Vera a new bike so that she will be able to make her rounds to all the needy much easier. We even made a stop at the orphanage to deliver about 1200 lbs of oil, flower, and sugar as well as a few cases of grapes.... and Vlady also made the first delivery of potatoes to all the families and orphanages we support... There was 10 acres of potatoes, likely 4 or 5 tones this year... we order them in the spring so we can secure a good price, and so Vlady does not have to spend his days at the bazaar trying to sell them.
Let see what else... We have another small orphanage that we have not worked with before here in town... well actually I bought them shoes my last day here in the spring... Saturday morning I have an appointment with the government social worker to go to the bazaar and to help get them winter boots, as well as to try to find winter coats for them.
For some time now, Altynai has been very self conscious about her teeth... she has wanted then straitened, I kept assuring her that she has a beautiful smile, but now she has started having some difficulties as they are starting to cause gum problems, So today I sent her to the dentist... with out me as a cost saving measure.(I will go with her once the price has been established) ... I called her later today as we were still out of town.. she said that she had her appointment , but canceled the rest of the appointments because it would be to much money for braces, and that she could not justify us spending that much money for her... I said that we would talk when we got home... It turns out that she needs a couple cavities filled and 1 tooth pulled first, then two rounds of braces... the teeth fixed and pulled ... about $10 and each round of braces will cost $50 each.... can you imagine that ... $110 for complete orthodontic work... We can even pay that over time if we need to.... I have told her that she is right , it is a lot of money, and may not be high on the list of priorities if it was not a health issue, but now that it was, this is my problem not hers, and she will begin having the work done on Friday.
We also stoped over to see our friend Dr Tatyana. We have someone sponsor medicine for needy people, so we have given that to Her. She will keep track for us of where the money is spent, and give us updates of those families that have been helped. She has always been a great help to us, and now she will have some resources to continue to be a blessing to those she helps.
We still have one other big project that we will start focusing on next week, I will share more about that soon. but for now, I am heading for bed... the morning comes early... ... we have everyone come to the apartment every morning for coffee and breakfast and the days briefing before everyone goes to work... then we need to be on the road by 9:00 tomorrow... Ahhh just remembered something.... I forgot to stop at Laurisa's today to bring her more money for the invalid home renovations and the party in the village on Wednesday... I guess my day will start sooner then I was thinking... Good night.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would post this type of update to share that everything gets to some level of completion. Great job. Oh and it isn't a good idea to forget about Larissa ,lol,
Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Give a hug to Laurisa and the Treasures, please.

Ivy Lee said...

John, I loved this post, even without photos. It's as if I could see you doing all of this, running around town, Dr. Tatyana, Vlady, Altynai, Sergey, Anya... I am reminiscing about all the wonderful people and the apartment. Thanks for the nostalgia. I will be back to help one day... one day.... I hope.

I saw photos of Melody and Davina in your previous post. My how they have grown. Please send Acel and family my love.