Monday, September 07, 2009

" This aint no ordinary show"

We just arrived home from an incredible weekend in Quebec... Some amazing things have started to happen there ... The Village of Saint Andre has pulled together to make a difference around the world...

We have had a lot of support from this community for a long time now, but this weekend was over the top. What was a relatively small group has turned into an entire village project... People from every walk of life were out in force to sing, entertain, man the auction tables, and to just plain have a good time...

There must have been close to 200 items in the auction that had been donated by all the local businesses...

It was such an encouragement to me ... People that had never heard about what we are doing heard the message for the first time... There lives were touched and there hearts were changed... An entirely new group of Philanthropists have entered the game...Look out... these guys are going some where.... Even standing at the Bar, men came to me and shared how touched they were, and how they are vowing to make a difference with the rest of their lives... I will not be at all surprised if I meet up with these young men in the near future on the other side of the globe....

You might question what I am doing standing at a bar. Well the event was put on buy the community in a local bar/live recording studio.... what an incredible venue, but pailed in comparison to the incredible audience... now I ask the question... why were we not standing in the bar a long time ago?

In a couple days we will have the totals in, but I have no doubt that with this group behind us, this months trip is going to be incredible.

If the video does not show up for you, you can view it at it's original source


Freakshow said...

Okay...all I am going to say is..."Wow!"
That was incredible.
Way to go folks.
Great report John...Great job there also.

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens when you get a double dose of the "Wright Stuff" in one place at the same time:)

Awesome report of what one dream can do for the many.

Looking forward to the incredible reports from this up coming missions trip,


Dan :)

Boy Wonder said...

Absolutely Awesome!Congrats to the incredible genius of the Wright Brothers!!! I think that was Dave Wright doing Toby Mac - tres cooool!