Thursday, September 03, 2009

A fathers pride

This summer Emma has been working very hard on her portraits. The proceeds from these she has been saving for her return to Kyrgyzstan... in fact the next time she goes, we really are not certain how long it will be before she returns home.. If you look in her room you will see that she has gone beyond the family goal of de cluttering, but has actually started packing ... She is longing to return to her friends ....
Her other job this summer has been to assist me. She has worked on the spreed sheets and the folders used to make sure that all the dreams that have been sponsored have been recorded for income tax receipts , reported to the dream agents and that they are fulfilled in timely fashion... in this position, she is privy to some what dreams have and have not been sponsored... Yesterday she came to me concerned... she said "Dad these Hydrocephalus operations are time sensitive, and we only have 2 of them sponsored... please take the money I have with you to do some more operations... then maybe I can get paid back when we find the sponsors." I explained to her that that is a risk and that we may never find sponsors... but she pointed out that with out the operation, these kids are going to die, and if that meant that she could not go, she could live with that, but she was not prepared to live with the fact that those kids died and she did nothing...
It's easy to say to her OK, but I know for a fact that we could likely find more sponsors if it was her standing in the photo holding a dying baby, so in the long run it would be better if she went, but for now I guess, "This one is your call Emma, and when the time is right for you to go, we will trust that some way, some how it happen.....I am proud of you "


TheHappyNeills said...

Calvin's 4-yr-old heart makes this mama beam :) I pray it grows more and more, that he would grow up like Emma to always have a heart for others.

BTW, the diamond-turned-playground-and-hydro-surgery-money went through today.

I'm still so in awe... that the Lord provided that diamond, so that others can LIVE. Praise Be. I know he'll provide for the remaining surgeries.

Cindy LaJoy said...

Hey "done good" raising your kids. God is no doubt well pleased.

Emma, sure hope we can meet're the kind of person I love to hang out with.

Don't worry about it, slowly I have figured out that when we give God provides, and you giving up funds for kids lives will find you still being able to go. I am certain of that.

Thanks for loving kids who are unloved.