Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What we have been up to over the last couple days.

We have a little Banti hen in the coop, but no rooster.  This week at the bazaar we found a rooster .. with attitude .  He is very friendly and was content to sit on a towl we put down for him with some food while we waited to go out to the farm.  Then he started to crow , and crow , and crow. I am sure the neighbors would be thrilled .

Up at the ranch we have been working on the platform for the yurt.  Sunday we made the wrong choice of who would look after the animals, and they simply turned them out into the mountain and did not follow and watch them.  We arrived  in the afternoon to find out that they were all scattered through the gorge.  After a couple hours of rounding them up, we are short 4 sheep and one goat.    We did a number check and checked the records to see who was missing, then alerted the neighboring ranches. We are hoping that they mixed with a passing flock, and that they will return home in the next few days.  Apparently this is not an uncommon thing.  

The platform is all finished now, and we have a couple sunny days ahead to varnish it before the Yurt arrives on Sunday. 

We got a call from our friend Victor.  He has a friend that he was in the orphanage with that he works with now.  The boy has problems with his feet, and needed a new pair of shoes.  We went with them and found a good pair with lots of support. We was so happy to see us .. I think I recognise him, but he sure recognised us. 

The pig run is finished now.  In no time at all they had the entire run dug up and a giant mud bath. 

stopping for gas on the way to town. 

 Vlady is welding the brackets for the new counter tops in the kitchen 

Julie stuck her head back into the apartment early in the morning , saying that I better get up.. Nurik had just cleaned the garage .. It was nice to see it so clean, but it took us another few hours to find all the tools.  Most have been located, just missing a few smaller hand tools.  they could turn up anywhere , and for sure Nuric will not have any idea where he put them, but hay ... the shop is clean .. "You've got to accentuate the positive, accentuate the negative and don't mess with mister in between." 

House two is coning along great .. Today the in floor heating and the floors went down in the addition, the inside was painted and some old outlets have been replaced.. Today the new kitchen floor will go down.  

We have had a couple birthdays here ,  Nuric had his birthday, and we all new for a week it was coming, and he had meetings with us all to give instructions for the day . He arrived at the house at 6 am and woke everyone up to blow up balloons and decorate.  The other birthday was Ulukbek, he was not so vocal. 

We had a lady come to the farm looking for help.  Her grand daughter has a hernia on her back and needs help with an operation.  It was more then they could possibly afford.   I was having a nap at the time, but by the time I got up everything was taken care of.  Julie and Emma got the full story, then contacted Sergey and our friend Ed from Loads of love.  He has a program called "Operations can be done" and they agreed to cover the surgery. so just like that "Asked and Answered" .. A few minutes later Julie went back to the main house to tell them that the operation was covered.. Aiprie says that they were so happy, that they cried all night. 

Marat got his stitches out yesterday, and the Dr said that everything was healed up well.  Today he is off to Bishkek with Acel to have an appointment with the eye Dr to set the date for the final operations.  

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