Saturday, April 08, 2017

down but not destroyed.

Today we had guests coming to the farm for lunch .  Marat was splitting wood for the ploff when he cut himself .. He was ok until he saw the blood and that was enough for him to do a face plant.  We bandaged him up then Samat and Turat took him to find a Dr.  They managed to get help for him back in Tokmok.  He is all stitched up and his head is fine.  He will have to go back in 10 days for a followup and get the stitches out . 

The geese and ducks moved to the mountain this morning .. They absolutely love it there .   all the fresh grass and especially the little stream that flows through it. 

While I was up there the cows sheep and goats were making their way back down out of the mountain .. So glad to see the snow gone. 

Back in the kitchen Aigoola and Aiperie were busy making lunch for the guests   Ploff served with fresh bread, pickled peppers and beets , pickles, coleslaw and carrot salad, and home strawberry jam.  all right from the farm .  

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