Sunday, April 02, 2017

A visit from Princess Anna

Early yesterday morning Denis came over to the house to say good buy.  He gave us all a big hug and promised he would be back for visits.  He is going back to Bishkek to live with his mom. We are praying that all goes well, he has a a confidence knowing that he will always have a place at the farm.   

Yesterday they got the electricity turned on at the Ranch.  the barn had all the doors welded shut, so Ulukbek brought the grinder up and got things opened up.  As well we were able to get the house cleaned out and painted, 

Later in the day they moved some furniture up to the house. in hopes that today or tomorrow some of the boys will move up there with the animals 

The ranch is covered with old dried up thistles, so we spent a few hours digging them out and burning them . 

Back at the farm we had a family come out to the "petting farm " so that there son could see animals close up.  He was very excited to experience life on the farm. 

Aiperi and Mirlan are working hard at moving the rose hedge .  They are going to put it along the back of three of the properties as a fence to slow people down from coming in from the back. as well this will open up the gardens between the farms . 

Koder and Marat got the roof almost finished yesterday , and today will start on the siding . 


The chickens and ducks were pretty pleased that I have started plowing the fields. I have about 10% of the plowing done now .. we still have a couple weeks before planting starts. 

Mirlan is doing a lot better these days .  He has been helping Turat with a small job putting down tiles .. and is able to follow instructions .  

Evenings are a fun time on the farm .  After supper there is a great time of socialising  We have a young musician from Germany who is here volunteering on the farm.  he is giving lessons to the kids in the evenings .  

Last night was movie night , and the feature was Frozen.  As a special bonus, We had princess Anna join us for the movie and popcorn .  Very exciting for everyone .  We had 15 in our living room at the guest house for the evening. 

Just got a call that the sheep and cows are starting to make there way to the Ranch so I better go. 

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