Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The continuing saga ..

Many of you know that we have been working on getting Marats eyes fixed .. A year ago he was diagnosed with an eye condition that would leave him blind in three months.  Already his eyes were at a -9 and getting worse.  

We were able to find sponsors for the sight saving surgery.  They were able to not only fix the problem, but were also able to correct some of the damage, and his vision has been improved to -7. 

He had to wait a few months to make sure all was good before we could look into further action. Yesterday he had that consultation.   It is sort of a good news bad news situation.  We were wondering if he needed another surgery or a laser treatment.  It turns out that he needs both. 

They will do a lens replacement and laser treatment on one eye and three days later will do the same on the second eye.   We were ready for about $800, but with two surgeries per eye we are looking at $1600.  

So we are now facing a big decision ..  Do we say " we are in this far, we might as well push forward and get it all finished ?" or should we be thankful that we stopped the deterioration, and be happy with that ?   

We have gone ahead and made the appointment for early next week and will start the pre surgery blood tests and stuff, in a couple days so we can keep our options open. But once again, I have to turn to you our readers.  If we are going to be able to do this , we need your help.  

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