Saturday, April 22, 2017

Family Life

Something special that we have on the farm is a sense of family.   When kids come to the farm they become part of the family.. and like any families that comes with squabbles and rivalry.  As a family we work through that and move on.  So when they cut up the fridge to make a dog house, or tear the tub out of the bathroom and  leave it in the driveway because they thought they would rather have a shower,  you know the kind of things that happen in every family,  We take these as teaching moments and move on.  

One thing that is really nice is that some of those living or working on the farm have some smaller children of their own.  It is great to see them grow and learn and experience life on the farm as well .  I remember the first time we came to Kyrgyzstan with our girls, the impact that made as kids in the orphanage got to see a family.  Many had come and helped and spent time, but when we came with our girls, we were no longer seen just as a volunteer, but as parents.  They got to see us interact with our girls, and hopefully this is something that they will remember when they have kids of their own.  It is so great that part of those life skills that they are developing is simply being part of a family.   

With the site ready at the Ranch, and the final stitches being put on the yurt, we are ready for the yurt raising tomorrow afternoon .. 

If all goes as planed we will even have the horses there for horse rides for the kids from the orphanage who will be coming for the celebration. 

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