Thursday, January 05, 2017

You never know the HOPE that you bring.

I got a message this morning from a family we are helping in  Kyrgyzstan.  If you have ever wondered the importance of vitamins, especially for the underprivileged  just read this ...  This letter is really a thank you to EVERY ONE who has supported the vitamin drives and the pie challenge that makes these testimonies possible ...  

Dears John Wright, Julie Anne Wright, Jenish Odigski, Emma Odigski, Rebekah Wright,

    Do you remember you gave proteins and vitamins for twin girls?! now they feel much better. that's why we would like to express our gratitude for your kindness and help. Thanks to you, children were able to get better. they used to cry a lot, because they did not get enough food. they could not sit and even could not lift their heads before, now these children can sit and play with each other. they began to play with toys. Now they do not cry a lot. here we have some photos of this girls before and after. it passed around one and half month since they started to eat your vitamins and proteins. Thank you very much! God bless you! sincerely

before Vitamins 
after six weeks of vitamins 

We had another need sponsored from the wish list It was for Ulukbeck to get his teeth fixed, and to finish the goat barn that is at the farm he is living at with his family .. The teeth were fixed last week and the barn was finished last night

Ulukbeck loading meat into Olegs van . On a side note , repair bills after the van rollover will be about $500 If anyone is interested in helping with this, any amount would be a great help to them . 
There were even a few sheets of tin left over to finish off the back of the green house.  I had closed it in with hay for the winter, but with the cows out now they were going strait for the green house and would have quickly eaten their way in.

A year and a half ago,  some of you may remember this day , 
we had some kids out to the farm from the orphanage to see possibilities for their future. 
 Marat and Mirlan both came to the farm over the next couple months.  today Jengish got a call from Denis, the boy in the middle.. He said that he is turns 18 on Sunday and is he still aloud to come to the farm when he turns 18, because he would like to come on Sunday.     I had a mix of emotions, at first I was upset by a system that does not allow us to take kids until the age of 18 , but then I started to think.   Knowing that he had a plan for his future.. a HOPE for the FUTURE, is this what has kept him going for the last 18 months.  We often do not know what kind of impact we are having in what we do.  How many other Denise's are there out there that are able to hang on because they have HOPE. 

You never know the HOPE that you are be because of a small actofkindness .. thank you for being that hope   

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