Monday, January 02, 2017

A long day of food deliveries.

   I am starting off with an update from the green house.  The cucumbers are coming along great .  In another week we will be starting to plant the tomatoes in this green house to be transplanted into the second green house when we fire it up in February.  

  And if you are a Vegetarian, or a little squeamish at the sight of raw meat, you might want to just stay up here and not scroll down any further  But if you want to see some orphanages, seniors and families being supper blessed, scroll on and check this out. 

Meat is a pretty big deal in Kyrgyzstan.  When there are weddings and funerals or special occasions, many families will go way into debt to be able to buy beef.  We have had kids in the orphanage tell us that they were vegetarians .. when I asked them about that they said that they actually LOVE meat, but  were told that they were vegetarians because the orphanage can not afford meat for them.   

Preparing the meat 

  There were  three orphanages, and one treatment centre and a children home , as well as several seniors and families who Jengish,  Emma and Armik worked LATE into the night to deliver to. 

Ivonofka treatment home

Red River Orphanage 

Bacute Orphanage 

This senior sure is happy with her meat 

Day Spring Home 

Great to see you Vlady my friend  !

Getting dark, but they are still going 

Even Nadia got a visit from them today 

This next picture is of Carol Anne , right about now she is happy that she is a girl cow !

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