Tuesday, January 17, 2017

five weeks of growth in the green house

For those who have been following the progress of the green house, here is an update from today. 

I have put in a series of pictures to show the progress  

5 weeks ago
4  weeks ago 

3 weeks ago .. we had the right temperature, but were giving too much light so they were getting strong and looking good but not growing fast, so we started shutting the lights off at around 9pm  

2 weeks ago they started filling out 
 we then hung the rope for them to climb on .
1 week ago  they started sending out feelers to hang on to the rope

today they are now beginning to climb the ropes 

Emma has the aquarium with water in it and the water balanced ready for the fish to arrive  The first batch is coming with a fish importer who will be helping us with this process. 

Dustan is doing great and settling in nicely.  It is so great that Aigoola could get custody of him and he is now registered and back in school.  He is all fives (five is the top marks in Kyrgyz grade schools ) Jengish is thinking he may graduate with honors 

Today Jengish met with the current owner of the ranch to inspect the documents and put down the deposit.   All looks good and we are in the process of transferring funds when the banks are finished with their holds .. 

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