Saturday, January 14, 2017

Growth at -10

The cucumbers have begun sending out their feelers now , so it is time to string them up. 

But first Emma had to stop for a little visit with her babies that came over to say hello. 

The ropes are hung above the cucumbers and dangle over them, and then the plants will grab them and start climbing up. 

Emma did some soil samples today to keep an eye on the PH levels, they were right were they should be. 

The cucumbers are not the only things on a growth spurt !Dustan has gone on a growth spurt as well  and had grown out of his clothes and needed a new coat, so he came into town with Emma and Jengish  They went to my friend at the bazaar, then back to their apartment for the night . 

Ulukbek was able to get all his teeth fixed thanks to one of our generous sponsors .  Life is so much better when you are not in pain. 

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