Monday, January 02, 2017

His protection

Every day we have friends and co workers travelling the roads, delivering food, taking people to medical and dental appointments, picking up and dropping off from school .you name it. 
They all willingly and happily help and expect nothing in return.  There is no doubt that driving in Kyrgyzstan is a dangerous sport.  and with no sanders, salters and snow plows on the roads it can be extra dangerous this time of year.  I don't ever take for granted the risk that they take just pulling out of the driveway.   . 

I showed you a picture a couple days ago of us loading meat into the back of a van for deliveries to the orphanage and families in need.  

About 20 minutes after this photo was taken, this van and its driver were off the road and tipped over onto its side  Oleg was able to be helped out with out any major injuries,  the van not so much.  We are thankful for Gods protection for Oleg, and now trusting Him for a restoration, so that Oleg and his van can be back on the road working to help those in his community   

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gahenard said...

I'm so sorry about the accident but thankful Oleg is okay! I have ridden on those roads at this time of the year; so I know exactly what they are like. Praying for God's protection over those important people & vehicles that serve the Lord along with you!!