Monday, July 06, 2015

Renovations under way

We had planed that we would harvest once a week , but this week there was no way that the fields were going to wait for the end of the week so they had to do an extra picking mid week.  "exceeding and abundantly more ! "   We are so thankful to everyone that purchased food shares, you have made all this possible.  

This batch of cucumbers went to the baby orphanage in Tokmok.  about 250 lbs 

supporting families in need 

they stopped out to check up on the field again .. I think the next photo we see of the field will be with a combine in it.

Very soon we will be harvesting tomatoes from over 1500 tomato plants  already we have a few ready to pick.

 So now the rush is on to finish the renovations for the  summer kitchen for canning .  The bricks are to build the wood / coal kazan stove .  this will be great for the canning 

the room is getting a fresh white wash 

We are still waiting and praying for supplies for canning , jars lids and sugar.. pretty much everything else we have on the farm if we could sell just 5 more food shares, that would cover this need. 

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