Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On our way to Quebec

We are getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow morning.  Our next stop is July 19...... Saint-Andre-Avellin followed by 

July 26 ..... Espanola
Aug 2 ....... Peterborough

 We are looking forward to a great visit with some more wonderful friends.  

We had such a great time in Stirling reconnecting with many wonderful people who have such a heart for those we help in Kyrgyzstan.  

Sitting at my kitchen table working on the next presentation, I can look out the back field and watch the wild life .. deer, turkeys, and even the odd bear wanders out into the field.  

Back in Kyrgyzstan it has been very hot this week .. 43 c or 105 F .  so we have pulled the kids in off the field, and they will have to keep them selves occupied inside , or in the pool .  Jengish says you know its hot when the dogs are sitting in the puddles 

The geese love the water on a day like this as well.  Goosey has a new friend , he is second from the front in this picture below, and the goose beside him is his buddy.  Emma was saying that Gossey had fallen over and his friend came and sat down beside him , and one time the ducks where giving him a hard time, and his friend, the same one , came to the rescue and chased them away.  Julie says we just need to train him to help Gossey up when he falls over and we will be all set . 

The kids love the pool too , even visitors to the farm are quick to cool off. 

They have started bottling the honey .  Our first batch we got 25 liters, enough for 50 of these jars.  we will try to sell them to help with the sustainability of the farm, but if anyone would like to by some for us to add to the food hampers for the seniors or the orphanages or something like that , we can do that too. I am sure it would be a real treat for them .. exceedingly and abundantly more then they could ask or imagine 

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