Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Great weekend

Last weekend we were in Quebec with limited internet so we did not have a chance to do any update on the blog.  It was nice , we were able have the boys with us.  We started the trip off with a bubble bath in the hot tub before shutting it down., the boys loved that. 

It was a nice time we had.  We got some time to relax as well as visit with some great friends and supporters.   We even had a special visit with one of the last of the Kyrgy 65 to make it home

. They came for the weekend and stayed with us   

Seconds after this picture was taken Jonah caught a huge bullfrog that promptly jumped out of the net, and landed on Eli's head,  then off my shoulder and out the front of the canoe..  That sure gave Eli something to talk about for the rest of his trip.
I got a few updates from the farm while we were away .  
Our friend Anne gave us some sunflower seeds when she visited the farm.  They are doing well . 

Here is Acelbeck with some boys on the farm , this is where the old garage used to be.  It is getting all cleaned up now .

Flowers are looking nice 

the peppers are just about ready 

and the carrots are starting to fill out as well 

These are the Chinese long beans .. they grow about 2 feet long each  

Next Sunday we will be at the light house in Espanola ..If you are in the area we would love to see you. 

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