Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gossey is still growing

Today they were all working back at Podgorna farm , getting all the weeding done.  Again the broccoli turned out to be cauliflower there as well.

Kolya is on cooking detail today so he make them a nice baked veggie stir fry for lunch 

tomatoes are starting to ripen nicely 

onions are looking good as well .  they will be ready in time to go into the salsa sauce

These beans are a  Chinese long beans that are great in stir fries and and also for pickling for in salads .   We have a good big patch of these that will be ready to start picking in another week or two, and like the others , as long as we keep picking them, they keep growing .  the bean pod grows to about 2 feet in lengths . This bean patch is where the kids are weeding in the photo below .

Goosey has such love and admiration for Emma, when he is not stomping around getting into trouble he is happy to just stand and stare at her. 

He still gets into a little mischief from time to time but doesn't go far because he still falls over.  in the pictures below he is playing with the toilet paper , and then in the kitchen for a little snack of cabbage and carrots .   
 Emma says she is not sure how much more of him she can handle, she says she loves him but cleaning up after him is getting old  , soon she will have to leave him on the farm in the evenings as well. 

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