Monday, July 13, 2015

Congratulations Kolya

the second barley field is doing great , harvest in a few days . 

Today they brought some of the kids to the city to get their bank cards ,.. what a big step this is for these kids .. they were so happy . 

the eg plants are ready now and will be producing fruit for the rest of the summer .  they will make a great addition to the food hampers . 


One of our little goats will be an interesting addition to our funny farm ,  he has "dullies " on the back legs for better traction . 

I have saved the bast for last .   Our young friend Kolya or as he goes by face book now " Nick Wright " has just been excepted for a full scholarship for the year  to the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek. the scholarship even includes room and board.  He has worked so hard both in his regular school, but also taking English lessons three days a week for the last few years . 
We are so excited for him ..

Kolya the first day I met him in the spring of 2005

this was taken when he was translating for a team last fall 
Kolya and Julie at his graduation in June 

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