Monday, November 25, 2013

They know first hand !

Over the years , many of you have made it possible for our team to bring a special Christmas to the children of Kyrgyzstan.   I have shared testimonies here from kids that have been the recipient of these gifts and parties, but I think that the greatest testimony is what we have started to see happen this year .   Children who have been in the orphanage and know how special this gift has been have started to step forward to do what they can to see that those that they have left behind have the same Christmas experience they did.  
Caleb and his friend having fun with team member Tabatha during a Christmas celebration 

   In fact it was long before the challenge even started this year that I was contacted by Caleb to find out when we could begin...   But it's not just Caleb.  

This year we actually have 4 challengers who remember what it was like in the orphanage when they got to celebrate Christmas because of this challenge.   If you are wondering who to sponsor for a pie in the face, why not chose one of these.  I have marked a green star beside the name of these special challengers .. lets make sure they get a pie

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