Sunday, November 03, 2013

GFM custom carvings now taking orders

                                                                                                                                                              As many of you know , one of the projects that we have been working on with Jengish for a few years now is a home for men after they come out of rehab, and homeless feeding program.  With the help of Give first Ministries  we have been able to bring those to ministries together.   The center is now up and running in the city where the men are able to use there talents to to  not only carve some incredible carvings .  , but they are using the proceeds  to provide meals for the homeless. 
I had some custom carving done by them for the teams that were here this fall.   Below is the carving of Victor receiving a  care package like the ones given
by Bekah with the help of iam1ru .  That is when we got the idea to provide custom portraits.

We thought it would be a good idea to do one portrait first to give an example of the type of work they do .  This is a photo of two young boys that are dear to us ..   and below is the carving that they did . 

 We have worked out the pricing for a carving like this .  .. if you would like a carving done of some one that is special to you , just sent us a photo and we will get them working on it, and bring it back and ship  with us as we travel.  the cost of a custom carving will be $250 for a single portrait and $50 for each extra face added .


 Not only do you get an incredible family keep sake, but you can be a part of helping to change a life  like our friend Victor shown here.   If you would like a carving done, please send me the photo and we will get started on it.

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