Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Renovations complete just in time for winter

This spring when we arrived at the baby orphanage ,  it was pointed out so us by the director that the kitchen and food storage area was in very bad shape.  the holes in the window frames , and the walls collapsing were not thought to be able to withstand another winter .  On top of that the inside was difficult to keep clean, the tiles were old and cracked, and the wiring was bad.. even the doors could not keep the weather and the rodents out any more .  the total project was expected to be about 5 or 6 thousand dollars.    we bagan with the windows and the doors to keep the out side out and the inside in 
the window frams were so rotted that I could stick my fingers through like they were butter 

New plastic framed thermo pain windows 
New doors all around , including screens in the kitchen area
then during the summer , the kitchen inside was renovated 

finally this fall the outside walls were repaired and painted 

its hard to believe this is the same building 

the work men are puting the final touches on the walls , then we will call this project done ..  Just in time, the finances arrived in KG and Sergey met with the workmen and the director today and paid the final installment ,... ready for winter !

thank you to so many that had a part in this ..Kitchen renovations are not cute and they don't give you the warm fuzzys , but they are so essential to the  health and wellbeing of both the kids and the workers.. you guys ROCK!

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