Monday, November 11, 2013

Dreams are going to be filled

Tonight we were at a planning meeting for a large annual Christmas Gala event that the ladies from our church put on for the  community every year .. so you might ask why I was at a planning meting for a ladies Gala ..   This year, I will be the key note speaker, and they proceeds will be going to cover medical needs for many of our kids in Kyrgyzstan , in fact the goal is to meet the needs of at least 16 kids.    
    As part of the fundraising portion of the evening there will be a silent auction .  One of the items that has come in is a painting that many of you will recognize.  It was done by a friend of ours, and is taken from a photo from the blog that you may recognize . 
Like I say this painting will be in the silent auction.. if anyone is interested in it , let me know your top bid and I can have someone bid on your behalf . 

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