Thursday, August 26, 2010

wake up to the world around us.

    Some times we begin to get lost in the reality around us. Believe it or not, it does become almost normal at times to see the world around us and say "this is just the way it is"... and it's not just here in Kyrgyzstan. I walk past the street people  in our own city in Canada  , you even get to know who is where at what time of day, in fact every one gets to know the guy who sings opera as he washes windows.  When we were in Germany, after the shock of the first day,  we were able to walk past people shooting up in the gutters, and maybe even except or expect it.  I am sure that everywhere you go you will find something that is just plain wrong! yet some how becomes the norm.  Orphaned and unwanted kids happens to be one of those social wrongs that we are facing.   We have been here for a week, and we have not even been to any of the orphanages yet...  As awful as they can be, the ones in the orphanages may be the luck ones. 
   I know that many of my posts are kind of hard hitting, They do not always seem so to me at the time, but when I get back to Canada and read those posts from a different continent, I understand the pain more.. Today it was pay back. not sure what it was , but I got a letter from one of our supporters, someone who has visited us here, and I have visited in the US. they know and understand what we do, and have been a big part of it . One paragraph sort of woke me up " 
"My heart goes out to the orphans especially. They did not ask for their lot in life.  They had no choice.  They didnt do anything wrong to be in a place where they will growup feeling unwanted and unloved by any true family.  It makes me so very sad."  
  Unfortunately, this is what we are facing all around us.  As you know we have a few extra's living with us until we get them settled back too school, and get them adjusted from the street mentality to the family mentality .. One little one will not eat with us willingly.  He is hungry right up until the point we are about to eat, then he does not feel well until about 10 minutes after we are done.  There must be some under lying stress when it comes to a family meal.  As many of you know I do not have a lot of patience for stuff like this, but fortunately I am not the only care giver hear, and I do understand that there is more underlying to this. 
  I promised that I would share about our latest house guest.  She is a young lady that we have worked with for a few years. She is very shy. She called and wanted to talk to Altynai, but was scared to see us. actually she was scared of possible rejection. We assured them that we would love to see her and she was welcome to come for a visit.  She had been abandoned when she was about 10, and bounced around to anyone and everyone since then. Her mother remarried and had 2 more kids . the Mothers husband was killed in the uprising in Osh a few months ago.  Our friend decided to go south and help her mother , and do what she could to get some sort of acceptance.  for 2 months she tried to help. but her mother just ignored her and would not make eye contact with her.... she did end up coming over for a visit, and we talked with her , and she had a little cry.  She did not ask for this, She had no choice, she did not do anything wrong, and her whole life she has felt unloved ..and yes it does make us feel so very sad.
  We are doing our best to advocate for many of these children from our little apartment, but this really needs to be done right. it needs a proper structure, with a staff dedicated to the needs of the kids, and not just have a whole flock of kids as a tag along to someone's day.  If we are going to break the cycle for them, the need to be brought in and loved by a true family, one that is committed to them and not just one that comes and goes with the seasons.  Fortunately that vision is so close . We went to see the progress of the Daysprings family home.  As I stood behind the kitchen counter with Natasha the director,  I could see visions of precious little ones running through the halls.  Such a blessing to know that  something permanent can  be done.  We still have a long way to go with the furnishings, and a bit more renovation, but as soon as the money comes in we will be ready to begin. 
  In a few minutes, we have two more waves of Orphans coming to town to do some back to school shopping. so I better get going.

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