Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting to know our new freinds.

Great day at the beach yesterday, we had twenty something with us, came home with more then we went with so we must not have lost any one ..
I will get one of the girls to post more about that day later today when they can ad some photo's as well.
  This morning we went to meet with more of our family here.  It was such a blessing to see a row of the men from the Invalid home there.  They looked so nice all dressed up, and they probably had the biggest smiles of any one.   After the gathering we decided to take them out for lunch with us at the shashleek yurts.  As well, we met up with the Families from the south that we have been helping with . There are now 4 families. Poor Altynai found herself as the only translator for 4 of us and our 30 guests.  She did a great job.  It was nice to get to personally spend some time with families that we have known so much about. To hear their stories and see their situation first hand is difficult , especially when their is not more that we can do.  In total their are 10 children.  They have been the victoms of such persecution over the last few months, and we are not certain even now that the public school would be the best place for the kids, with the potential for more trouble, not to mention all they have been through. There is a really good private school here that we could get them into . They would be treated very well by the families their, and it would be a great place for healing for them.  They have talked to the school administration, and they are doing all they can to help as well, including allowing them to pay in installments, but with the situation, and the documents that need to be replaced, it will be very difficult for the parents to cover the tuition. As well they are living in a temporarily closed school owned by a friend of ours, but that situation is only temporary... they just have so many needs, yet as we visited with them today, they were eager to do what they could to help us... they never shared their situation and needs, they wanted to continue to help others like they did before this all happened... We only know what we know because we have discussed the situation with others in the know to see what needs might be.. They are true representatives of what it is to be a true servant.  Really what needs to happen is that we need to find a group or an organization that would like to take this on as a project to help them for even one year until they are able to get their lives back on track... once again they represent the comment  I just heard from one of our friends.. " They did nothing wrong" and "They did not ask for this", Yet we come away feeling blessed to have been able to spend time with THEM.     During our visit they did share that they recieved the packages that Rody had made up for them this spring, they also shared how blessed each of the 5 families were who recieved them. It was a real encouregment to for them to know that there are people out there who care.. they send Jody and her friends a great big THANK YOU.

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