Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Special visitors

I don't know where every one went, but all the kids headed out to various things like haircuts and dentist etc, Julie sat down to check Facebook, and I decided to take advantage of the quiet and lie down. The second my head hit the pillow the door bell rang...as usual. .  At the door was a special family here in Tokmok. 

They have been a project of LAMb for some time, and we have seen incredible changes in them over the last couple years.  They were so excited to see us, and came in asking where the rest were .. Rubyshka and Lynn, David Jayne, Jessica .. and many other she was asking about. They stayed for a short visit. Tea, fanta and cellphone shaped cookies.  We gave the kids each a hand knit teddy bear and the boy got a hot wheals car knowing that Lynn would approve.
  We then discussed with them about school starting next week, and have mad arrangements to pick them up on Friday to bring them with us to the bazaar to make sure that they are ready for school as well.
  We finished with a little hug, and off they went.  Of course we will confirm all the arrangements we made when we have a translator with us. hahaa

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