Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Splash

After our two day journey we had an easy day with our girls. A nice breakfast then a sleep, to a quarry for a swim and then out to supper at McDonalds.  The girls and John liked this better then me but McDonalds has A/C so it was great.
There is no better way to fight a heat wave then to go for a nice swim; a luxury that almost all of us are accustomed to. I can't help but think of the men at the invalid home, that we are schedulled to see this weekend.  All but forty of them got to experience an outing like that; a picnic lunch, a nice swim to get cooled off and a memory.  Please send what you can to total 350 dollars for the rest of the men to have this outing. If the money gets sponsored before we leave on Sunday we can front the funds so they will have the money right away and can begin planning for the final big splash. Emma would really like to know that all the guys got to go. 

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