Monday, January 24, 2022

Fun, Food, and Fellowship

Fun day up at the kashar .  The farm kids had a visit from a young adults group from the city who came for a day full of fun, food and fellowship.  

The kashar is a great place for an outing like this.   I love seeing the happy faces on our boys at outings like this. 

Even into the evening the fun continued .. with a little warm up by the fire time . 

Down on the farm the boys have been busy learning how to weld.  The have just finished up a front hall coat and boot rack, and now they are learning how to weld chairs. 

As I am sure you saw, we are raising money for Tanya so she can renovate the washroom at the mens home and even bring them Hot water for the showers.  We are just over half way there , and just need another $700 to make this possible.  

Please remember Tanya in your prayers as she is dealing with Covid one more time.  She has been home quarantining, and has had the Dr come to her a few times.  She had a friend who brought her food, but now the friend is quarantining with covid and Tanya is feeling a bit better so is bringing food to her friend .  

We had one of our boys return to the farm for a visit on the weekend .  It was nice to see Akbar again and know that he is ok. he is living with some family and going to school and working . 

Its always nice when they can return for a visit and keep the connections open so that they know someone cares and they have a fall back if things don't work out. 

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