Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A couple requests for help

The Baby orphanage and the men's home have both asked for help. 

This morning Vlad was out to the bazaar to purchase some supplies for the Baby orphanage.  Fresh fruit and diapers are always a big hit for the kids and the workers.  

I have mentioned this before , but there is something that happens when you go out on deliveries to those in need , and the orphanages are no different.  At the baby orphanage they are trying to figure out how to keep the kids in smaller groups to keep them safe.. I think they saw the divider walls that we put up at the baby hospital and they would like to do the same thing in one of their larger rooms to make it suitable for 2 groups of kids .   The cost for everything is $750 

As I mentioned, when you go out on deliveries, you often find other needs.  A couple weeks ago we were at the mens home to bring Christmas gifts to them.  Today we got a message from Tanya .. She writes 

Hallo John. How are you? John, I want ask help ,if you could for the mens home . For many years there are no repair in the bathroom - there is no power , broken toilets are flowing, the pipes are rusty, the water flows from the ceiling from above, the shells are old, it is winter and there is no warm water in the morning wash, it is cold and men do not wash, even there is no hand towel wipe, there is no mirror to look at themselves, the water is cold in the sink..... water on the floor because toilets burst.. Dastan and Sasha asked for help. They dream to wash themselves in the morning with warm water, look in the mirror, and to be seen in the bathroom in the evening. .We want repair everything and make normal conditions for men. we need to repair the bathtub, work and buy everything necessary $1500 ..... Could you help us realize the dream of men


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