Thursday, January 13, 2022

A soft landing

Welcome home Uri .   Back in the summer Uri arrived at the farm at a great time . He arrived on a Thursday, then Friday we took him shopping for new clothes  First thing Saturday morning the boys all went camping up in the mountains for a few days .. When they returned they had a couple days on the farm that were rainy days so there was no work to be done, then it was off to IsyKool and the beach for a couple days .. Hay this farming gig was looking pretty good.  Now they had been telling him about all the work that they did, but to this point he had not seen any of it .   Then the fateful day when the work would begin .  They were weeding the garlic.  

 This being Uris first real job, he was not impressed and that night he decided that the farm life was not for him. 

He was able to stay with some relatives, and look after cows in the mountains with his father .  He found the work was a little easier , but, they never paid him.  Then the relatives he was staying with burned through all his savings and pension, and once the account was empty they informed him it was time to go.    Thankfully he knew that he was welcome to come back and join the farm family.  So today he arrived .. once again with nothing and only the worn out clothes on his back.  Vlad got him washed up and bought him hygiene products, and tomorrow they will take him shopping to get socks, undies, and a couple changes of clothes , and probably new boots and coat.  

Thank you to everyone who supports the farm  so that when kids like Uri fall, it is a soft landing.  

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