Wednesday, January 26, 2022

For Everything there is a Season

Its that time of year when we need to start plans for the planting, not just our fields but those of about 200 other families. 

I hesitated to share this earlier as we are falling a bit behind on some other needs and was trying to clear them off before starting the seeds , but as many of you know .. planting does not wait .. the other needs we are working on right now are still there but we have to move on . here is a recap :

Vlady house fire repairs ... $3700 

Tanya men's home washroom renovations ($1500 )... $700 to go 

Baby orphanage room dividers ..... $700 

but that said , 

Its time for us to prepare for the gardens again , planting both the fields on the farm and those of 200 families who would not otherwise have the resources to plant . We will start many of the plants in the green house ourselves . as well as the seeds we would like to bring them groceries at the same time so that they are not tempted to eat the seed potatoes, and so they will have the energy needed to plant the gardens . for this we would like have a budget of $10 a family for seeds and $10 a family for food .. total $20 x 200 = $4000 in total this will see over 200 acres of garden planted and producing food.

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