Tuesday, December 10, 2019

two week Christmas list update

 I wanted to give you a little update where things stand for Christmas needs .

The first needs to be covered where the TV and the washing machine for the farm .. they will be so blessed.  The Christmas in the village arranged by Vera was next to be covered, and the money has been forwarded to her so she can start working on it.  The Christmas for the students was next to be covered. The party will be next week.  A donation for food and Vitamins came in, they have been ordered and they will be delivered to a family tomorrow along with taking them shopping.  There was enough so far for a couple dentist visits .. they have been to the dentist right away , we don't like to wait when pain is involved .  We got in 300 for the blind society, but have sent the full $500 on faith so they have time to get things organized. as more comes in we will be able to get it to them,

We have had $45 toward reaching out to unreached families.. we are  are hoping to reach 300 families .. just 297 to go .

we have $150 that we can send to Tanya so far . with a hope to be able to send her another $1500.

We are doing great with the coal , nearly 20 tons has been donated in the last few days .  This is such a good thing, tomorrow alone they will be delivering another 3 tons. The need will grow quickly over the next couple weeks as winter takes hold .

Nothing in yet for the $40 food hampers for families in need, however they may get some chickens or ducks :)

for a complete list of wish list items we have , please check out this blog post from a couple  weeks ago 

We have had another few items come up in the mean time .  Many know Auxana . we have helped her to build a house and a team put the roof on a barn for her.  The subdivision where she built is now having everyone register and prepare the documents for their houses .. Auxana needs $60 for this is anyone is interested in helping her.    Covered

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